It all began in March 2018, when a group of passionate, well-travelled Nigerians came together to brainstorm on the best way to alleviate and ultimately eradicate poverty in Nigeria.
These group of friends, Lookman M. Afolayan, Bala I. Dahiru, Kenneth Ndukuba, Bukola Olusanya, Ayo Ojo, Aliu Tukuru & Stephen Opeyemi, though from diverse background and very successful in their chosen fields felt so strongly connected by their passion for the empowerment of Nigerians in particular.

The high level of poverty in Nigeria was a huge concern to them, knowing it is impossible to help everyone,so these Great Nationalist felt the urgent need to contribute their own support in ways they can.

That was how BUKA PEOPLE FOUNDATION (BPF) was born.


Five areas were deliberately chosen after carefully evaluating our peculiarities as a nation with a view to achieving total inclusion in the programs of the BUKA People Foundation. These five areas we believe are important in achieving the greatest good through the provision of help to humanity.

Provision of free meals for children
Provision of collateral-free microloans for women
Provision of free health care for the elderly
Provision of scholarships for students in selected categories
Provision of relief support for the less privileged